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Interface spécialisée, I2C, SM Bus, Applications de systèmes Bus I2C et SM Bus, 2.7 V, 5.5 V, SOIC

NXP PCA9517D,118

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Applications de systèmes Bus I2C et SM Bus
I2C, SM Bus
MSL 1 - Illimité
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The PCA9517D,118 is a level translating CMOS I²C-Bus Repeater provides level shifting between low voltage and higher voltage I²C-bus or SMBus applications. While retaining all the operating modes and features of the I²C-bus system during the level shifts, it also permits extension of the I²C-bus by providing bi-directional buffering for both the data (SDA) and the clock (SCL) lines, thus enabling two buses of 400pF. Using the repeater enables the system designer to isolate two halves of a bus for both voltage and capacitance. The SDA and SCL pins are overvoltage tolerant and are high-impedance when the repeater is unpowered. The 2.7 to 5.5V bus port-B drivers behave much like the drivers on this device, while the adjustable voltage bus port-A drivers drive more current and eliminate the static offset voltage. This results in a low on the port-B translating into a nearly 0V low on the port-A which accommodates smaller voltage swings of lower voltage logic.
  • Bidirectional buffer isolates capacitance and allows 400pF on either side of the device
  • Footprint and functional replacement
  • Active high individual repeater enable input
  • Open-drain input/outputs
  • Lock-up free operation
  • Supports arbitration and clock stretching across the repeater
  • Powered-off high-impedance I²C pins
  • Latch-up testing is done to JEDEC standard JESD78 which exceeds 100mA


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