MCP73812T-420I/OT - 

Battery Charger for 1 Cell of Li-Ion, Li-Pol battery, 6V input, 4.2V / 500mA charge, SOT-23-5


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Li-Ion, Li-Pol
MSL 1 - Illimité
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The MCP73812T-420I/OT is a miniature single cell, fully integrated Li-Ion/Li-Polymer charge management controller in 5 pin SOT-23 package. This linear charge management controller is designed for use in space limited and cost sensitive applications. The MCP73812 provide specific charge algorithms for single cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer battery to achieve optimal capacity in shortest charging time possible. Along with its small physical size and low number of external components MCP73812 is suitable for many applications. This charge controller employs a constant current/constant voltage charge algorithm. The constant current value is set with one external resistor. The MCP73812 limits charge current based on die temperature during high power or high ambient conditions. This thermal regulation optimizes the charge cycle time while maintaining device reliability.
  • Constant current/constant voltage operation with thermal regulation
  • High accuracy preset voltage regulation of ±1%
  • Voltage regulation of 4.2V
  • Programmable charge current range from 50mA to 500mA
  • Minimum external components required (2 ceramic capacitors and 1 resistor)
  • No preconditioning
  • Automatic power down when input power removed
  • Active high charge enable
  • Specified temperature range from -40°C to 85°C
  • External end of charge control


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