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At Metcal will you find conduction soldering, convection rework, fume extraction and fluid dispensing products that allow you to TAP into three advantages over competitive systems:

  • Training Advantage: Our products require minimal training time, and are easy and comfortable to use.
  • Application Advantage: We design our products to be multi-functional and flexible to meet every application need.
  • Productivity Advantage: Our products are proven to improve productivity, yield and your bottom line

The Metcal Brand includes both the premium MX Range for soldering and rework systems and the mainstream MFR & PS ranges. Metcal also offers Hot air (Convectio) rework , fume extraction and fluid dispensing solutions to complement its hand soldering tools. Metcal soldering systems feature the SmartHeat® technology, which unlike conventional soldering irons, administers heat directly from the heater to the joint insuring total temperature and process control without the need for operator intervention.

Metcal provides expert product support by meeting regional market needs. Farnell stocks a wide range of Metcal products.

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