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Kit Flowcode, PIC, avec carte de contrôleur, Programmable USB, Compatible Micromouse Competition


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Chassis moulé en plastique avec boîte de vitesse, carte contrôleur, 4 x vis Pozidriv M3, CD-ROM
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The HP794 is a formula flow code buggy kit. This maze solving buggy has been designed to address the requirements of electromechanical parts of technology education between the ages of 12 to 16. The electronic circuit board can also be used for work at 16 upwards. The two wheel robot is powered from rechargeable batteries and is supplied with a function limited version of flow code graphical programming software. Flow code's drag and drop interface allows students with no previous programming experience to create a wide range of programs for the buggy. Students develop the program, simulate its functionality on screen and then click on a button to download the program to the buggy via USB. The technical specification of formula flow code is impressive it uses an advanced PICmicro 18 series microcontroller with internal precision motor controller circuitry.
  • Includes graphical programming software (Flow code)
  • USB programmable
  • High technical specification
  • Micro mouse competition compatible
  • Can also be programmed in C and Assembly
  • A low cost, all inclusive solution
  • Can also be used for mechanical studies
  • A highly motivating approach to learning
  • A2 line following track is provided


Robotique, Automobile, Loisirs et Enseignement


Plastic moulded chassis and gearbox Controller circuit board, 4 x M3 posidrive self-tapping screws, CD ROM with Flow code and drivers User guide.

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