LINDSTROM  RX8211  Cutter, Oblique tête courte, Latéral, 134.5 mm, Encastré, 1.2 mm, 65 °

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The RX8211 is an Ergo® short head Oblique Cutter with ESD safe handle. The holding pliers is used on the toughest, most forceful applications from removing plate steel retaining pins on an oil derrick to the most sensitive and sterile of environments such as surgery. This is because pliers represent the functional expression of replicating and increasing the capabilities of the human hand across many dimensions, particularly of the thumb and adjoining finger, in terms of force and precision. The flush cutter also pinch the leads, but at a lower altitude than Micro-Bevel cutter. This cutter has finer cutting edges than semi-flush or Micro-Bevel cutters. Lindstrom's flush cut also creates a pinched lead. However, it is configured slightly differently than that produced by other cutters. The Lindstrom flush cutter leaves a narrower and shorter taper along the pinch, thereby reducing the total exposed area.
  • Precision ground edges for exceptionally long life
  • Rounded shape makes it easy to rotate and to find the optimal working angle
  • Unique spring design provides extra low resistance when the cut is made, reduces fatigue
  • Return spring automatically opens Rx cutters
  • Cushioned, high friction surface
  • Always comfortable and steady in hand
  • Easily adjustable 3-position spring provides variable resistance and grip width
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to manoeuvre and position

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