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Interrupteur Thermostat, Commercial, Série 2455R, 80 °C, normalement Ouvert, montage par bride

HONEYWELL 2455R-100-92
HONEYWELL 2455R-100-92

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2455R Series
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2455R Series
Normalement ouvert
Montage à bride
120VAC/15A, 240VAC/10A
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Aperçu du produit

The 2455R-100-92 is a commercial Bimetal Thermostat with phenolic base and silver alloy contact. It can provide either temperature control or over-temperature protection by breaking electrical contact when a specified temperature is reached. Single pole, single throw, snap-acting, non-adjustable thermostat which may be used in applications such as power supplies, general appliances and medical equipment. A temperature-sensitive bimetal disc, electrically and thermally isolated from the switch is used to actuate the normally-closed contacts. Contacts open when surface or ambient temperatures increase to the operating set point of the calibrated bimetal disc. The entire switch is enclosed in a phenolic housing, the bimetal disc is retained by a metal heat-conducting end cap. Due to the small size of this unit and the inherently low mass of the bimetal snap-action disc.
  • 0 to 150°C Operating temperature range


Détection et Instrumentation, Gestion d'alimentation, Electronique Grand Public, Médical, Commercial, Industrie, HVAC

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