Welcome to the new parts list upload (BOM) tool!

Faster upload, improved parts matching, enhanced list management

BOM Features

  • Easy file upload and increased speed of processing
  • Intuitive, automated columns data mapping
  • No limitations on number of lines
  • Better data match results
  • Match your parts using any of these criteria: Farnell part numbers | Manufacturer part numbers | Product descriptions or keywords
  • Real time price and availability for your entire parts list
  • Automated refresh of pricing & stock on saved lists
  • Ability to add extra lines to uploaded and saved lists
  • Ability to proceed to PO/basket for all or selected lines
  • Excel download option without impact on the original file format

Step 1

Upload a new list or View saved lists

  • You must be logged in to upload your list Log in or create a web account
  • Upload a new list - xls or csv, no limit on the number of lines
  • No need for data mapping! Our new auto-match feature identifies your part number and quantity columns, and automatically presents you with your matched results!
    You can manually re-match your columns should you need to.
  • Access and manage a previously uploaded list. Price and stock are updated real time, every time you open a saved list
Farnell BOM tool step 1

Step 2

View and manage your matched results

  • Thanks to the auto-match feature, your matched results are available straight away. You can manually re-match your columns should you need to.
  • Filter by matched status to manage your results
  • Add extra parts straight into the uploaded list
  • Your lists are automatically saved
  • Download the matched results, maintaining the original file formatting
  • Add items straight to the basket
Farnell BOM tool step 2Upload your list now

Coming soon

We are continuously improving the BOM Tool based on your feedback. Here are just a few of the features you’ll be able to enjoy soon: share your lists with your colleagues, ability to paste additional parts straight into the uploaded list, save the list as a quote, and many more.