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Inspire the next generation of engineers with our educational platforms, software, and resources, enabling them to develop their future.

Building a Better Future

These latest devices, such as micro:bit, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, are designed to expose children, students, and adults to creating technology with a vast array of supporting materials.

Gain an understanding of the architecture and principles of software and hardware system design as used in the electronics engineering workplace. Learn from a wide range of online courses and supporting educational kits available from some of the world’s top tech companies like Arm, Microchip and Texas Instruments and prepare yourself for that next challenge within your studies or professional career.

All supported by our element14 community, providing a valued source of information for students, educators and enthusiasts worldwide.

Physical Computing

Physical Computing is the act of creating interactive systems that can sense and respond to the world around us, allowing humans to communicate through computers. It requires computational thinking, “a way of solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behaviour that draws on concepts fundamental to computer science.” – Jeannette Wing, a fundamental skill for everyone, not just computer scientists.

Computer Science is not just about learning technology; computer science is about logic, problem solving, and creativity. Applying these concepts in the real world gives us ‘Physical Computing’. Physical Computing links the desktop computer or laptop to the real world and allows children to explore and problem solve in the world around them....

Introducing a new generation to coding, Farnell element14 has all the devices and accessories required to enable Physical Computing in the classroom or code club. The latest ranges of educational boards and microcontrollers makes learning to code an easy, fun and collaborative experience for students of all ages. Vital for so many jobs in the future, exposing students to coding and real world technology projects from an early age helps to demystify technology and provides them with a deeper insight into the tools they use in their everyday life.

For the cost of a few new laptops, a school or college can set up their computing and computer science lessons benefiting from a combination of hardware devices, safe learning environments (coding platforms), lesson plans and teaching aids.

Inspired by the projects your students can make with these boards, it’s the first step to becoming an innovator of the future. Providing a previously unprecedented level of access to the ‘guts’ of the hardware, the latest range of educational boards, DIY robots, and development kits enable you and your students to bring their ideas to life.

Computers and software are changing everything… We are at the beginning of a ‘fourth industrial revolution’ that builds on the digital revolution that began in the middle of the last century.

Computers, smartphones, smart systems, and other technologies are woven into nearly every aspect of our daily lives. As computational technology advances, it is imperative that we educate young people and working adults to thrive in a computational world.

The answer is not simply memorizing facts or learning skills that are applicable only to specific tasks, especially when those tasks can be done more quickly and with greater accuracy by technology. The answer lies in skills that reflect the demands of today’s technology-driven world, as well as capabilities that are uniquely human and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Here are 5 Important Reasons why kids should learn Computer Science:


The robots are coming, learn to take control...

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Courses & Teaching Aids

Here you can find links to all the resources and guides to plan and execute your education program. All the educational platforms available from Farnell element14 have an array of lessons, projects, and teaching materials with a choice of programming/coding languages to suit your target learning experience.

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