YUASA  YSP-117  Testeur de batteries, Plomb acide, 6V, 12V

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The Yuasa SecurePower range of battery testers don't take battery capacity (Ah) readings which can be misleading, instead they use patented conductance testing technology to determine relative battery state of health by comparing the battery under test to "known good" batteries. The conductance test measures the plate surface available in the battery, which determines how much power (or current) the battery can supply. As a battery ages, the plate surfaces can sulphate or shed active material which adversely affects battery performance. In addition conductance testing will also detect cell defects, shorts or open circuiits which will also degrade battery performance. The conductance test does not put any load on the battery making the Yuasa SecurePower tester safe to use anywhere.
  • Simple: Easy to setup, even easier to use
  • Battery voltage and conductance in under 10 seconds
  • Utilises patented conductance technology, minimises technician risk and battery stress
  • Uses IEEE standard test method with proven correlation to battery capacity.
  • Fully compliant with NIST standard so no need for calibration
  • Compact design with integral test leads
  • Tests both 6 and 12V batteries from 1.2Ah to 25Ah capacity

Informations produit

Technologies de batterie supportées:
Plomb acide
Plage de mesure de tension DC:
6V, 12V
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No SVHC (12-Jan-2017)
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Great Britain

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