Amplificateur opérationnel, Simple, 1 amplificateur, 130 MHz, 135 V/µs, 2.7V à 12.8V, SOT-23


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Bande découpée
2.7V à 12.8V
1 amplificateur
MSL 1 - Illimité
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Aperçu du produit

The LMH6642MF/NOPB is a 130MHz 75mA rail-to-rail output Low-power Amplifier offers high speed 130MHz, low distortion and exceptionally high output current approximately 7mA with reduced power consumption when compared against existing devices with similar performance. Input common mode voltage range extends to 0.5V below V- and 1V from V+. Output voltage range extends to within 40mV of either supply rail, allowing wide dynamic range especially desirable in low voltage applications. The output stage is capable of approximately 75mA in order to drive heavy loads. Fast output Slew Rate 130V/µs ensures large peak-to-peak output swings can be maintained even at higher speeds, resulting in exceptional full power bandwidth of 40MHz with a 3V supply. Careful attention has been paid to ensure device stability under all operating voltages and modes. The result is a very well behaved frequency response characteristic with minimal peaking for any gain setting and under both heavy and light loads.
  • 17nV/√Hz at 100kHz Input voltage noise
  • 0.9pA/√Hz at 100kHz Input current noise
  • 68ns Settling time
  • 100ns Overdrive recovery
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • No output phase reversal with CMVR exceeded
  • Green product and no Sb/Br


Electronique Grand Public, Périphériques Portables


This device has limited built-in ESD protection, leads should be shorted together or the device placed in conductive foam during storage or handling to prevent electrostatic damage to the MOS gates.

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