LM6181IM-8/NOPB - 

Amplificateur opérationnel, Simple, 1 amplificateur, 100 MHz, 1400 V/µs, 7V à 32V, SOIC


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Informations produit

7V à 32V
1 amplificateur
MSL 1 - Illimité
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Aperçu du produit

The LM6181IM-8/NOPB is a single Current-feedback Amplifier offers an unparalleled combination of bandwidth, slew-rate and output current. The amplifier can directly drive up to 100pF capacitive loads without oscillating and a 10V signal into a 50 or 75R back-terminated coax cable system over the full industrial temperature range. This represents a radical enhancement in output drive capability for an 8-pin PDIP high-speed amplifier making it ideal for video applications. Built on TI's advanced high-speed VIP II (vertically integrated PNP) process, the LM6181 employs current-feedback providing bandwidth that does not vary dramatically with gain, 100MHz at AV=-1, 60MHz at AV=-10. With a slew rate of 2000V/µs, 2nd harmonic distortion of -50dBc at 10MHz and settling time of 50ns (0.1%) the LM6181 dynamic performance makes it ideal for data acquisition, high speed ATE and precision pulse amplifier applications.
  • Ensured bandwidth and slew rate
  • Improved performance over EL2020, OP160, AD844, LT1223 and HA5004
  • 50ns Settling time (0.1%)
  • 0.05% Low differential gain
  • 0.04° Phase error
  • ±10V into 100R High output drive
  • 5µV/°C Typical offset drift
  • 80dB Typical CMRR
  • Green product and no Sb/Br


Traitement du Signal, Imagerie, Video et Vision, Détection et Instrumentation

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