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Kit de développement, Module sans fil, MSP430


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Module sans fil
2x CC430 Target Boards, 2x Antennas, 2x CC430EM battery packs, 2x 32.762KHz Crystals, 18x Pin Headers
Texas Instruments
Carte de développement sans fil
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The EM430F6137RF900 is a complete wireless development tool for the CC430 that includes all the hardware required to develop an entire wireless project. The sample kit includes two sub 1GHz wireless target boards (including antennas) featuring the highly integrated MSP430F6137IRGC RF system on chip. Projects may be developed and instantly deployed using the included batteries. The CC430 integrates the latest MSP430F5xx core (which combines 25MHz performance with a 200ksps 12bit ADC, AES hardware security module and a 96 segment LCD driver) with the CC1101 multi channel RF transceiver designed for low power wireless applications. The development board supports all CC430F613x and CC430F612x flash parts in the 64pin QFN (RGC) package. It also supports software development for the CC430F513x parts (48pin QFN (RGZ) package).
  • CC430 wireless target boards
  • 868MHz/915MHz antennas
  • 12bit ADC, 200ksps
  • 96 segment LCD driver
  • AES-128 hardware encryption module
  • Two pushbuttons /CC430 wireless target board
  • SimpliciTI, low power network stack
  • IAR Kickstart and Code Compose essentials v3 Core edition


Sans Fil, Robotique

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