DS3658N/NOPB - 

Driver périphérique, 4 sorties, alimentation 4,75 V à 5,25 V, sortie 70 V/600 mA DIP-16


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The DS3658N/NOPB is a quad high-current Peripheral Driver designed for those applications where low operating power, high breakdown voltage, high output current and low output on voltage are required. Unique input circuit combines TTL compatibility with high impedance. In fact, its extreme low input current allows it to be driven directly by a CMOS device. The outputs are capable of sinking 600mA each and offer a 70V breakdown. However, for inductive loads the output should be clamped to 35V or less to avoid latch-up during turn-OFF (inductive fly back protection-refer to AN-213 SNOA610). An on-chip clamp diode capable of handling 800mA is provided at each output for this purpose. In addition, the DS3658 incorporates circuitry that specifies glitch-free power up or down operation and a failsafe feature which puts the output in a high impedance state when the input is open.
  • Single saturated transistor outputs
  • High impedance TTL compatible inputs
  • Outputs may be tied together for increased current capacity
  • Open collector outputs
  • Output clamp diodes for inductive fly-back protection
  • Low operating power
  • Power up/down protection
  • Failsafe operation
  • No output latch-up at 35V
  • Low output on voltage (350mV typical at 600mA)
  • High breakdown voltage (70V)
  • NPN inputs for minimal input currents (1µA typical)
  • 10mW Typical low standby power
  • Green product and no Sb/Br


Contrôle Moteur, Eclairage LED, Industrie

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