PHOENIX CONTACT  TRIO-PS/3AC/24DC/40  Alimentation rail DIN AC/DC, Ajustable, Fixe, 1 sortie, 320 VAC, 575 VAC, 960 W, 24 VDC

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Aperçu du produit

The TRIO-PS/3AC/24DC/40 is a 1-output DIN rail mount primary-switched TRIO AC/DC Power Supply Unit particularly suited to standard machine production. The 2866404 power supply features robust metal housing, the high electric strength and the wide temperature range that ensures a high level of power supply reliability. The devices can be connected in parallel to increase the capacity and redundancy. It can be used worldwide in all industrial sectors due to a wide-range input. The clear LED signaling and the device connection with double terminal block for plus and minus fast potential distribution are further advantages of this device series. A third terminal block for minus, simplifies the grounding on the secondary side. All power supply units are idle proof and short circuit proof and provide a regulated and settable output voltage.
  • Use the third negative terminal block as a grounding terminal block
  • Compensation of voltage drops by means of output voltage that can be adjusted on the front
  • No load and short circuiting resistance
  • High dielectric strength
  • IP20 Protection rating
  • Protection class I (with PE connection)
  • >91.5% Efficiency (for 400VAC and nominal values)
  • Maximum power dissipation in no-load condition (16W)
  • High MTBF (>500,000h)

Informations produit

Type de sortie d'alimentation:
Ajustable, Fixe
Nbre de sorties:
1 sortie
Tension d'entrée AC Min:
Tension d'entée AC Max:
Puissance, sortie max..:
Tension de sortie - Sortie 1:
Tension, sortie 2:
Courant de sortie - Sortie 1:
Courant de sortie, sortie 2:
Gamme de produit:
Tension de Sortie - Sortie 3:
Nombre de canaux de sortie:
Tension de Sortie - Sortie 4:
Tension de sortie Nom.:
24 V
Courant de Sortie - Sortie 3:
Courant de Sortie - Sortie 4:
To Be Advised
Courant, sortie max.:
40 A

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