PHOENIX CONTACT  QUINT-PS-100-240AC/24DC/10/EX  Alimentation rail DIN AC/DC, Ajustable, Fixe, 1 sortie, 100 VAC, 240 VAC, 240 W, 24 VDC

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Aperçu du produit

The QUINT-PS-100-240AC/24DC/10/EX is a 1-phase DIN-rail mount primary Switch Mode Power Supply for use in potentially explosive areas. The reliability of a power supply determines the availability of individual components in a system and whether complex systems can function safely. The globalization of markets increases the demands placed on the power supply. A wide range input and a high level of availability are required. These requirements are met by generation 2 QUINT POWER. This device, which is designed as primary switched-mode regulator, operates with a high level of efficiency so that heat loss is kept to a minimum. The high level of operational safety is also ensured in complex global networks. QUINT POWER also operates in applications where static voltage dips, transient power supply failures or phase failure are common. Large capacitors ensure mains buffering of more than 20ms at full load.
  • Preventive function monitoring through professional signalling
  • Reliable startup of heavy loads due to power boost
  • Varistor transient surge voltage protection
  • 6.3 AT (device protection) Input fuse, internal
  • >88% Efficiency (for 230VAC and nominal values)
  • <2ms Typical Response time (10 to 90%)
  • IP20 Protection rating

Informations produit

Type de sortie d'alimentation:
Ajustable, Fixe
Nbre de sorties:
1 sortie
Tension d'entrée AC Min:
Tension d'entée AC Max:
Puissance, sortie max..:
Tension de sortie - Sortie 1:
Tension, sortie 2:
Courant de sortie - Sortie 1:
Courant de sortie, sortie 2:
Gamme de produit:
Tension de Sortie - Sortie 3:
Nombre de canaux de sortie:
Tension de Sortie - Sortie 4:
Tension de sortie Nom.:
24 V
Courant de Sortie - Sortie 3:
Courant de Sortie - Sortie 4:
To Be Advised
Courant, sortie max.:
10 A

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