PHOENIX CONTACT  QUINT-DIODE/40  Accessoire d'alimentation, Module de redondance, 10A

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The QUINT-DIODE/40 is a Redundancy Module with protective coating. It can be used to 100% decouple two power supplies of the same type, which are connected in parallel on the output side to increase power or provide redundancy. The reliability of a power supply determines the availability of individual components in a system and whether complex systems can function safely. Redundant connections are designed for supplying systems, which place particularly high requirements on operational safety. The connected power supplies must be large enough that the total current requirements of all devices can be fully met by one power supply. In the event of an internal fault on one device or a mains voltage supply failure on the primary side, the other device automatically takes over the complete power supply without interruption and vice versa. In this way the operational reliability of the system can be increased effectively.
  • 100% Decoupling of Power supplies Connected in Parallel
  • Can be Installed in Potentially Explosive Areas
  • Transient surge voltage protection using Transil diode
  • Easy Assembly by Snapping onto the DIN Rail
  • Plus Pole of the Device is Wired to the Output of the Redundancy Module
  • Maximum Power Dissipation with Nominal Load
All supply lines have sufficient fuse protection and are the correct size, to protect the device, the input current of 56A must not be exceeded.

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Redundancy Module
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