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Contrôleur de moteur DC, Série 507, 6A, 110 à 120 Vac, 220 à 240 Vac sélectionnable


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Aperçu du produit

The 507 is a compact DC Motor Control features minimum footprint design ideal for speed or torque control of permanent magnet or shunt wound DC motors from single phase supplies. Control of the associated DC motor is achieved by using a linear closed loop feedback signal based on the motor's own DC armature voltage. This enables constant motor speed to be maintained throughout variable motor loads. Improved speed measurement can be obtained by using a tacho-generator, connected to the motor's shaft, to provide the feedback signal. A current loop within the speed feedback path ensures that safe current levels are always provided to the armature of the motor up to the level set by the maximum current potentiometer. This adjustment is linear and switchable to a lower range of half the controller current. If the controlled motor is stalled, then a stall timer will remove current from the motor after approximately 15 seconds.
  • Internal electronic overcurrent protection
  • Zero speed and drive healthy signal
  • Main and trim setpoint input
  • Independent acceleration and deceleration ramps
  • LED Diagnostics
  • High feature design
  • Compact minimal footprint
  • Switch selectable Tacho or Armature voltage feedback


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