BLM15AX601SN1D - 

Perle de ferrite, 600 ohm, 0402 [1005 Metric], Série BLM15AX_SN, 500 mA, 0.34 ohm, ± 25%


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Série BLM15AX_SN
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Série BLM15AX_SN
0402 [1005 Metric]
± 25%
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Aperçu du produit

The BLM15AX_SN series chip Ferrite Bead is designed to function nearly as a resistor at noise frequencies, which greatly reduces the possibility of resonance and leaves signal wave forms undistorted. BLM series is effective in circuits without stable ground lines because BLM series does not need a connection to ground. The nickel barrier structure of the external electrodes provides excellent solder heat resistance. BLM_A series generates an impedance from the relatively low frequencies. Therefore BLM_A series is effective in noise suppression in a wide frequency range (30MHz to several hundred MHz). Because of newly developed ferrite material, BLM15AX has been realized lower DC resistance and larger rated current than BLM15AG series. In addition, its performance change by stresses like heat shock is less than other ferrite beads. So, the noise suppression performance becomes stable.
  • -55 to 125°C Operating temperature range


Gestion d'alimentation, Traitement du Signal