IMATRONIC  1266-03-000  Module laser, Cameo, 650 nm, 800 µW, 5 V, Collimatrice, 35 mA

IMATRONIC 1266-03-000
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The 1266-03-000 is a miniature Gated Cameo Laser Diode Module with threaded barrel for easy bulkhead mounting which ensures good thermal contact between module and heat sink. This new concept in laser module design allows a laser diode, an adjustable collimating lens and a drive circuit to be incorporated within a body which is just 23mm long and all without compromising the performance. The Gated Cameo offers high output power stability with transient and polarity protection, as well as electrical isolation between diode and case. It has a latching connector that improves reliability. An A/R coated user adjustable collimating lens produces an elliptical output beam which can by focused to produce fine spots. It also features a third TTL modulation input which allows the user to turn the input on and off with a bandwidth of >=100kHz. A fourth wire which controls the slow speed enable input allows the user to switch the laser on and off from interlocks and switches.

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