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Carte d'évaluation, MB96F338U, CAN, USB hôte, F2MC, Transceiver CAN haute vitesse


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16 bits
MB96F338U MCU, UART-Transceiver, LED-Displays, Reset-Button, Reset-LED, Mini CD, USB Cable
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Aperçu du produit

SK-16FX-144PMC-USB is a starter kit for MB96F338 with USB plus Euroscope debugger. This low cost evaluation board based on 16FX MCU MB96F338U offers USB-Function and USB-Host interface beside of CAN. It includes 'EUROScope lite 16FX', an exclusive version source level debugger for 16FX family. The sophisticated user interface helps keep track of every important piece of information: windows can be docked to the edge of main window and don't obscure important data. Multi threading makes the user interface highly responsive extremely easy to work with. 16FX supports on chip debugging without the need of boxes and adaptors like common JTAG based systems. MCU can be connected directly to the Host-PC via a serial RS232 or USB interface. The on chip debug functionality is completely implemented in a debug support module and the firmware of MCU. Loading of a special kernel or linking of a library is not necessary. Therefore 100% of program memory is available for application.
  • UART transceiver (SUB D9 connector)
  • USB to serial converter (Type B connector)
  • High speed CAN transceiver (SUB D9 connector)
  • USB MiniHost (Type A connector)
  • USB function (Type B connector)
  • LED display (7 segment), User button
  • Reset button, Reset LED
  • All 144 pins routed to pin header
  • On board 5V and 3V voltage regulators, Power LED
  • Power supply via USB


Industrie, Automobile


Board, Cable, CD.

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