CYWM6935 - 

Module radio sans fil LR USB séquence directe avec une plage jusqu'à 50M


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The CYWM6935 wireless USB LR radio module offers a complete radio module solution for integration into existing or new 2.4-GHz products. The CYWM6935 is tested for functional operation and is FCC/ETSI(EU)/Industry pre-certified. The module is supplied with dual integrated PCB trace antennas. The CYWM6935 is available in a small PCBA design and can be mounted horizontally to the device PCB via a 12-pin header. wireless USB transceivers are designed for short-range multipoint-to-point wireless connectivity to PC peripherals, gaming controllers, remote controls and other human interface devices (HID-class) with a low-cost and low power 2.4-GHz wireless solution. wireless USB modules provide complete drop-in solutions including the complete (silicon and all external components) printed circuit board (PCB) to meet maximum performance requirements.
  • The CYWM6935 LR 2.4-GHz DSSS Radio SoC Module
  • Complete radio module with dual PCB trace antennas
  • Operates in the unlicensed Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band (2.4 GHz-2.483 GHz)
  • -95-dBm receive sensitivity
  • 0-dBm output power
  • Range of up to 50 meters or more
  • Data throughput of up to 62.5kbits/sec
  • SPI microcontroller interface (up to 2MHz data rate)
  • FCC modular approval grant to meet FCC Part 15, EN 300 328-1, EN 301 489-1 and RSS-210 standards


Sans Fil, Immotique, Industrie, Electronique Grand Public